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Descriptionwell if ucked up big time, fucked up the light cycle first, then fucked up the enviorment, {moving from indoor to outdoor, and back again} so i stunted its growth like 2 times, sucks for me, we'll see how things turn out
# Plants1
Strainsskunk# 1
Lights flor V 250w hps F
Yieldquad, cause i fucked up
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All 4 plants at 3 days got the light runnin 24/7 on these.... lol 09/17/02
all 4 plants at 13 days hmmm, these floros grow kind of slow, but shall do for the small space i have 09/24/02
day 28 lookin alright about 5-6 inches tall now 10/08/02
day 36 hmm getting bigger only got three plants now, the other one didnt have any budsites, kind of hard to explain..... 10/17/02
mutede one at 36 days this one naturaly has 2 tops, i dont no but i like it, its a lot bushyer than the other 2.. 10/17/02
another at 36 days its now suffering from a little over watering. suck 10/17/02
the bigest at day 36 this one has nothing wrong with it yet, but i just tooped it hoping to be able to get clones faster 10/17/02
day 44 first day of 12/12 for th i am hopping for 2 females out of my 3 plants, that way i can put one female back into veg and take clones, and flower the other plant that is gonna be female 10/23/02
day 13 of 12/12 the main cola, i think it looks pretty good, besides the blurryness 11/07/02
how much you think this weighs? it weighed in at 4.1 grams this was bought, not cultivated by me 11/07/02

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